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About Us

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Valencians are brought up in an extraordinary cultural place with an incredible history. Our job is to enhance this place in all its brilliant magnificence.

Wherever a anyone goes after a Clean 24 job, they will see an extraordinary place with its impecably history and culture shining through.Whether it’s an apartment, a restaurant, a country house,an office, a home or a hotel.

We Are Professionals

We work with both individuals and large companies.
For us, there are neither minor nor insignificant tasks.
We Approach each task thoroughly and meticulously – from the dry cleaning of furniture to cleaning large industrial premises.
That is our motto.

Clean 24 is constantly evolving, which helps us find the right and most effective cleaning solutions. We apply the latest methods and state of art technology in cleaning. Paying special attention to the choice of equipment and cleaning products.

Clean 24 is the solution to a happy life.
While you work, play with your children, eat lunch and socialize, our cleaners make sure that nothing distracts you from this beautiful life.
Because this is your life – don’t waste it on cleaning!

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Why Choose Us

The values we follow

Our company strives to follow the latest technology in order to provide our customers with the most modern and convenient services. We also respect the tradition of cleanliness and hygiene, so we ensure a high level of cleaning and sanitation in all our premises. Finally, we understand that each person is unique and has their own personal preferences, so we offer flexible working hours so that each client can choose a convenient time for themselves.


Regularly cleaning staircases and communal areas is essential for proper hygiene and appearance in shared spaces. Dirt and dust accumulate quickly in high traffic areas, leaving unpleasant odors and marks. Neglecting cleanliness poses health risks.


It requires special equipment and techniques to prevent infections and ensure smooth operation. Other examples include crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleaning, and odor removal that need professionals. A team of well-trained experts is needed for specialized cleaning to ensure safety.


Clean carpets and furniture prevent allergies and respiratory problems. Hire professionals to clean them regularly.


Cleaning premises that need maintenance every month, quarter or year. The frequency will ultimately be based on individual requirements.


Clean your home at a time that is set and convenient for you. You choose the frequency of cleaning - weekly, every fortnight or every month. You only pay for the cleaning time.
We will carry out any house cleaning job. You choose the days, times and duration of cleaning, and our cleaners clean at a time that is strictly scheduled and convenient for you.


-professional equipment
-best cleaning methods
-ext-remely effective detergents
-highly trained cleaners


  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, mattresses and carpets
  • laundry washing
  • laundry ironing
  • curtain washing/cleaning
  • room disinfection
  • odour removal
Every minute is precious. Let us transform your home into the crystal-clear home of your dreams.


Enjoy a 10% savings bonus when you choose to benefit from two of our services.

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